Kosher for Hotels & Restaurants

M Fold (Multifold) Washroom towels:

Kosher M Fold (multifold) Washroom Towels are used to wipe dry hands and face after a water splash wash and also to wipe off sweat and dirt. Kosher M Fold tissues are interlocked in the stack for easy pull out piece by piece from a suitable dispenser.

Kosher M Fold tissues are suitable for use at washrooms in large work facilities such as; IT and IT enabled companies.


21 x 23 cm folded & interlocked tissue sheets


20 packs of 150 sheets each

Table Napkins

Regal Tissue [ Table Napkins ] are press embossed with designs for functionality and attractiveness. They are offered in different sizes and varieties to suit specific requirements.

Table Napkins are used in all kinds of restaurants, eateries, hotels, hospitals, offices and also in parties.


12 x 11" Smooth

12 x 11" Smooth

9 x 9" Smooth


All in packs of 50 and 100 units

Customized designs and Name and Logo printing for hotels and institutions.

Restroom Tissue Roll:

Regal range of paper tissue products reflect great value for money while providing good functionality and usage satisfaction.

Regal Tissue products are widely used in all kinds of hotels, small eateries, parlours and also in offices and homes.


Small: 4" x 200 Pulls of 100 mm each
Big: 4" x 350 Pulls of 100 mm each
Large: 4" x 226 meters


HRT Rolled Towels

Kosher HRT Rolled Tissue Towels have multipurpose use and are particularly suitable in facilities where the requirement is large. HRT Rolled Tissue towels are preferred by companies with very large work facilities for use as washroom towels.

HRT tissue is used in commercial kitchens as general purpose wipes and also as oil absorbing tissue through the process of cooking. Granular surface of HRT Tissue endows it with certain abrasive property which enhances the functional effectiveness of the soft and absorbent tissue. HRT tissue rolls are compact but contain large quantity of rolled tissue sheet which lasts longer in the dispenser allowing more time between refills which is particularly advantageous in very large work facilities.

HRT tissue rolls can be drawn at required length from a suitable dispenser.


Small roll: 8" x 224 meters
Big: 8" x 300 meteres


Small: 6 rolls in a carton
Big: 4 rolls in a carton

Kitchen Towel Rolls

Kosher Kitchen Towel tissue rolls are designed to provide process ease, hygiene and also health benefits.

Usefulness of the supple paper tissue is augmented with double layers embossed with fluffy design for wiping clean food plates and containers, for absorbing oil from fried food, andas handy aid through the process of cooking and eating as well.


21" x 8" rolls with 60 pulls


30 packs of 2 rolls each

Fresh Wipes:

Kosher Fresh Wipes are very supple, smooth on the skin, double layered for extra softness and are highly absorbent.

Kosher Fresh Wipes are packed in ‘pull-a-piece’ boxes. The boxes are presented with attractive designs with varying themes to suit the usage situation and are objectively designed to surcharge the mood of the user - as appealing to different age groups and use situations.

Kosher Fresh Wipes are used in cars, luxury public transport vehicles, at offices and also at homes.

Each face wipe tissue piece is of the dimensions; 200 x 200 mm and are presented in pack sizes of 100 pieces and 200 pieces.


100 mm x 100 mm folded tissue sheets


24 boxes in a carton
48 boxes in a carton
100 boxes in a carton

Hotels, Restaurants & Canteens

Kosher provides a wide range of tissue products for the hospitality segment literally matching every class and need through its products encased in its brands; Regal, Kosher and Kosher GoldMark.

A good part of the product development research Kosher works on as a corporate brand happens to be about the needs of hospitality segment. We work with chosen and keen customers in the segment on the usage needs and presentation methods in enhancing collective product utility quotient for their customers.

And most importantly we work closely with our customers in the hospitality segment about effective ways of branding their business through Kosher tissues.

Kosher Tissues are made available through a network of dealers in; Karnataka, Telgana and Andhra Pradesh.

We have efficient infrastructure to make direct supplies to large companies in; Bengaluru and Hyderabad and would have the facility in; Kolkata, Chennai & Pune soon. We also serve a good set of Kosher customers in other locations through a network accredited dealers and distributors.
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