REGAL - Soft ‘Napkins’ and ‘Restroom’ Tissues, from the brand stable of Kosher tissues, wear new designs on their packs

Our very popular REGAL Napkins and Restroom tissues will be supplied in new design packs starting from first week of this April.

The new designs presents the illustrative hibiscus flower of the old design inset in larger perspectives and with new surrounding designs.

Check out right below here. Also consider the new design launch quantity bounty of one case absolutely free on orders of 15 cases – through April 2017.

REGAL – Soft Napkins

REGAL - Soft Napkins are embossed with popular dots for good functionality and attractiveness.

Regal soft Napkins are used in all kinds of restaurants, eateries, canteens, hotels and party buffets and also at all kinds of establishments such as; hospitals, clinics and offices etc as general purpose napkins.


30 x 27 cm, 100 Napkins in a pack (Red design polythene pack)

30 x 30 cm, 100 Napkins in a pack (Dark Purple design polythene pack)


REGAL Soft Napkins are supplied in cases containing 100 packets.

REGAL – Restroom Rolls

REGAL Restroom tissue is soft, supple and is mildly embossed for functional effectiveness. Restroom tissue is presented in 10 cm width rolls with perforation every 10 cms for easy pull-off. REGAL restroom tissue dissolves into shreds very quickly in water and thus happens to be flushable easily.

REGAL Restroom tissue is served in convenient quantity rolls for hospitals and hotels.


10 cm width roll with 250 pulls of size 10 x 10 cm

10 cm width roll with 350 pulls of size 10 x 10 cm


Regal Restroom tissue is presented in rolls with primary printed polythene pack in following quantity packs.

250 pull rolls 150 nos. in a case

350 pull rolls 100 nos. in a case


Regal range of paper tissue products reflects great value for money while providing good functionality and usage satisfaction.

REGAL tissue products are widely used in all kinds of hotels, eateries, parlours and also in offices and homes.

Brand Kosher

Kosher is soft, supple and mostly white.

Kosher helps you refresh and revive.

Kosher is about hygiene and cleanliness.

Kosher signifies; smoothness, prestige, purity and etiquette.

Kosher signifies; product quality, true innovations and branding wisdom.

Kosher is a range of top quality paper tissue personal care products.

Kosher is growing

Kosher right now is on a major expansion program which is primarily being enabled with a string of product and market place innovations.

Kosher direct sales department – selling to larges offices, hotels & hospitals - with our supply infrastructure in; Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai & and Pune are being reinforced to match our increasing business.

Kosher is largely sold through a network of dealers and distributors and we intend to expand into other regions across India.

Trade Invitations

Kosher products are also sold through large sets of sales agents who have good clientele for general supplies in; IT & ITE, corporate office, hospitality, restaurant and hospital sectors.

We support Kosher trade partners to thrive with the association - with smart marketing initiatives, exciting promotion programs, fair trade terms and of course with unmatchable brand values of Kosher that would drive the business for them.

Kosher Dealer (institutional supplies)

We are looking out to expand our dealer network in; Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telegana, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. We are keen to consider propositions from those with good clientele and operations. Those keen may reach us by using the form linked to 'Get in touch' below.

Kosher Distributors (institutional supplies)

We wish to make Kosher available in all major cities / towns across the country. We are looking out for Distributors in the institutional supplies segment with a good set of dealer clientele. Those managing fairly large distribution network with clout may reach us by using the form linked to 'Get in touch' below.

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