Kosher for large work facilities

M Fold (Multifold) Washroom towels:

Kosher M Fold (multifold) Washroom Towels are used to wipe dry hands and face after a water splash wash and also to wipe off sweat and dirt. Kosher M Fold tissues are interlocked in the stack for easy pull out piece by piece from a suitable dispenser.

Kosher M Fold tissues are suitable for use at washrooms in large work facilities such as; IT and IT enabled companies.


21 x 23 cm folded & interlocked tissue sheets


20 packs of 150 sheets each

C – Fold Washroom Towels:

Kosher C Fold washroom towels are used similarly as Kosher M Fold towels. Relatively, Kosher C Fold Tissues are thicker and deeply embossed for that ‘soft yet crisp’ feel which enhances its cleansing properties beyond effectively absorbing water.

Kosher C Fold Tissues are folded but are not interlocked in the stack. From suitable dispenser C Fold Tissues can be drawn piece by piece.

Kosher C Fold Tissues are more suitable for use at washrooms attached to canteens, restaurants, Hospitals, Diagnostic centres and at washrooms in work facilities requiring such tissues.


21 x 23 cm folded & interlocked tissue sheets


20 packs of 150 sheets each

HRT Rolled Towels

Kosher HRT Rolled Tissue Towels have multipurpose use and are particularly suitable in facilities where the requirement is large. HRT Rolled Tissue towels are preferred by companies with very large work facilities for use as washroom towels.

HRT tissue is used in commercial kitchens as general purpose wipes and also as oil absorbing tissue through the process of cooking. Granular surface of HRT Tissue endows it with certain abrasive property which enhances the functional effectiveness of the soft and absorbent tissue. HRT tissue rolls are compact but contain large quantity of rolled tissue sheet which lasts longer in the dispenser allowing more time between refills which is particularly advantageous in very large work facilities.

HRT tissue rolls can be drawn at required length from a suitable dispenser.


Small roll: 8” x 224 meters
Big: 8” x 300 meteres


Small: 6 rolls in a carton
Big: 4 rolls in a carton

Restroom Tissue Roll:

Regal range of paper tissue products reflect great value for money while providing good functionality and usage satisfaction.

Regal Tissue products are widely used in all kinds of hotels, small eateries, parlours and also in offices and homes.


Small: 4” x 200 Pulls of 100 mm each
Big: 4” x 350 Pulls of 100 mm each
Large: 4” x 226 meters



Kosher provides dispensers for the full range of paper tissue products and in suitable sizes.

As part of the professional need assessment services we provide to our customers we recommend and supply dispensers on lease as well as on competitive prices.

We Provide dispensers for;

HRT Rolls – Small
HRT Rolls – Big
Centre pull HRT Rolls
Jumbo Restroom Tissue Rolls
M Fold tissue towels
C Fold tissue towels
Freshwipes – small
Freshwipes – big

Fresh Wipes:

Kosher Fresh Wipes are very supple, smooth on the skin, double layered for extra softness and are highly absorbent.

Kosher Fresh Wipes are packed in ‘pull-a-piece’ boxes. The boxes are presented with attractive designs with varying themes to suit the usage situation and are objectively designed to surcharge the mood of the user - as appealing to different age groups and use situations.

Kosher Fresh Wipes are used in cars, luxury public transport vehicles, at offices and also at homes.

Each face wipe tissue piece is of the dimensions; 200 x 200 mm and are presented in pack sizes of 100 pieces and 200 pieces.


100 mm x 100 mm folded tissue sheets


24 boxes in a carton
48 boxes in a carton
100 boxes in a carton

Large work facilities

such as; IT / IT Enabled companies

For large companies we supply against negotiated contract with logistic plan that helps companies to hold low level of stocks.

For large work facilities we offer our expertise in suggesting most suited tissues and on the installation needs.

We have efficient infrastructure to make direct supplies to large companies in; Bengaluru and Hyderabad and would have the facility in; Kolkata, Chennai & Pune soon. We serve a good set of Kosher customers in other locations through a network accredited dealers and distributors.
. . .

Ultra White

Kosher ‘Ultra White’ range of f r e s h w i p e s tissue boxes contain very supple and smooth personal hygiene Kosher ‘f r e s h w i p e s’ and are presented in ‘Pull-a-Piece’ boxes made of Ultra White superior quality paper boards making the boxes very white, bright and sturdy.

Kosher Ultra White Pull-a-Piece boxes are made to look elegant with that touch and sense of corporate feel with designs that are; subtle, sparse and intelligent. The boxes also reveal Kosher brand identity elements in the emboss which adds to the grace and serenity these boxes reflect.

Kosher GoldMark f r e s h w i p e s

Brand Kosher GoldMark imbibes all the virtues that are top class. It is the best in the market on utility, quality and grandeur.

Kosher GoldMark [ f r e s h w i p e s ] are very supple, smooth on the skin, double layered for extra softness and are highly absorbent.

Kosher GoldMark [ f r e s h w i p e s ] are packed in convenient to use ‘pull-a-piece’ boxes. The boxes are presented with rich designs that tell of certain superior maturity and opulence which is all potent to cause superlative identity perceptions.

Jumbo Restroom Rolls [JRT]

Jumbo Restroom Rolls are large restroom tissue rolls that are suitable for use at restrooms where the requirement of restroom tissue is frequent such as; restrooms at large work facilities, at malls and at such other public facilities.

Kosher JRT Restroom Rolls are very supple, very soft and are made with mild embossing. They dissolve into shreds very quickly in water.

JRT Restroom Rolls are perforated for easy to pull out.

JRT Restroom Rolls are used from a suitable dispenser.

Mini Hygiene Tissue [ MHT ]

Kosher Mini Hygiene Tissues are made from virgin paper tissue and are very soft and supple. Mini Hygiene Tissues are called so for the multi-purpose usage possibility these handy little ‘pull-a-piece Boxes’ offer. Yes, keep it anywhere and use it on any purpose.

At offices; on tables for use as personal hygiene tissue bits and as well as tea coaster and wipes.
At the pantry; as cutlery wipes
At the washroom; as general purpose wipes
On the dressing table; to wipe cosmetic smudges
In the kitchen; as cutlery wipes
In bags and cases; as mobile personal hygiene tissues
In hotel rooms
In hospital labs as hygiene wipes
In diagnostic centres as hygiene wipes
Just about anywhere; just imagine

Kosher Mini Hygiene tissues are presented in a range of attractive designs.
The BIG idea behind Kosher Mini Hygiene Tissues is; - C O N S E R V A T I O N - use paper tissue just as much as needed