Bottled Freshwipes Personal Hygiene Tissues

The bamboo mimicked cylindrical case reflects flamboyant character in you - on the office desk or with you anywhere.

Bottled Kosher Bamboo freshwipes pack is very useful while on the move. The sturdy container keeps the ultra supple Kosher Bamboo freshwipes fresh and crumple-free.

Refillable Canister

Bottled Fresh wipes, with its rigid structure, could be refilled with the replinished stocks of Kosher Bamboo Freshwipes as long as the Bamboo Bottled canister is kept clean.

Kosher Bottled freshwipes refill packs and Bottled canister are available at all popular online shops, kosher online shop, Kosher Privilege dealers, and with Kosher Privilege Retailers. Talk to your sales contact at our end to know more: