Tissue House

Warehouse of kosher freshwipes

TissueHouse is presented with (underground !!) warehouse to store three times more Kosher fresh wipes. That’s 1 x 100 plus 3 x 100 refill packs in the TissueHouse.

Uninterrupted supply

TissueHouse is designed to provide ready availability of Kosher f r e s h w i p e s for uninterrupted use in areas of frequent and greater need, such as; drawing rooms in residences, wait lobby at offices, in-house cafeterias

Rigid Structure

TissueHouse, with its rigid structure, is usable with replenished stocks of Kosher fresh wipes refill packs as long as the TissueHouse is kept clean.

Kosher fresh wipes refill packs

Kosher fresh wipes refill packs and TissueHouse products are available at all popular online shops, kosher online shop and with Kosher Privilege Retailers.