range of world class paper tissue products

First Piece Puller

Now you will pull just a piece of kosher freshwipe from all our self-dispensing pull-a-piece boxes.

The paper tag first piece puller carries our message on the 'Individual Social Responsibility' – " ..do nurture atleast one plant, at least in a pot"

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Bamboo Paper tissues

Kosher Bamboo range of paper tissue products are made from pure bamboo pulp and are processed sustaining its natural properties without using any bleaching agent.

Paper tissue made from bamboo products exceed conventional wood pulp on the tissue characteristics; of water absorption, softness and functionality.

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Tissue House

TissueHouse is presented with (underground !!) warehouse to store three times more Kosher freshwipes. That's 1 x 100 plus 3 x 100 refill packs in the TissueHouse.

TissueHouse, with its rigid structure, is usable with replenished stocks of Kosher freshwipes refill packs as long as the TissueHouse is kept clean.

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Bottom Utility Tray

Kosher freshwipes Bottom Utility Tray is good to keep things that are frequently needed but are often misplaced.

It is created with partitioned spaces to keep things that are frequently needed in the respective places wherever Kosher freshwipes are used in pull-a-pieces boxes.

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Bottled Kosher Bamboo

The bamboo mimicked cylindrical case reflects flamboyant character in you - on the office desk or with you anywhere.

The sturdy container keeps the ultra supple Kosher Bamboo freshwiper fresh and cumple free.

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