Our Brand Story

Kosher Bamboo is not merely a brand extension. It is a larger project initiated with a small set of mainline tissue products – Large napkins, Personal hygiene tissues in pull-a-piece boxes and Restroom rolls – all made from all virgin and all and only bamboo pulp.

As a growing and responsible corporate, we intend to ascertain the virtues of Bamboo in exploring the feasibility and the advantages for progressively adopting bamboo as the primary and larger source for making personal hygiene tissue products. While it does exceed conventional wood pulp on the tissue characteristics; of water absorption, softness and functionality the objective of the project is to assess the larger environment and economic benefits that can be derived and the ideal model of operation to be able realize that in a large measure. In pursuing our study we intend to partner with befitting agriculture institutes and knowledgeable minds.

Beyond superfine tissue Kosher Bamboo provides consumers with satisfaction; of sustainable consumption, of enabling environment conservation, of belonginess to distinct class and a good sense of prestige.

We hope to construct altogether a new industry sector in India.

Manufacturing Cycle


Environmental Benefits and Facts about Bamboo

  • Fastest growing plant- grows up to 36 inches in just one day.
  • Absorbs 5 times more carbon than trees.
  • Re-introduces 35% more oxygen than other trees and plays an important role in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Uses less water to grow.
  • Bamboo is a great tool for soil protection due to its rapid growth, permanent canopy and huge network of roots and rhizomes.
  • Bamboo cools down the surrounding air by up to 8 degrees in summer.
  • Bamboo flowers, but it flowers are rarely seen with some species only developing flowers after 65 to 120 years.
  • Bamboo is naturally antifungal and antibacterial.
  • Bamboo improves soil quality.

Compost Lifecycle


Recycled Vs Bamboo

Recycled Paper Bamboo Paper
Made With Post-consumer paper waste. Pure bamboo fibres.
Chemicals Chemically intensive and contain chlorine. Unbleached tissues.
Softness Not as soft as traditional tissue. Superfine soft tissues.
Quality Low quality with a tint of black and rough texture. High paper quality with pure virgin fibers.
Sourced Paper is recycled in Europe and sent to India. 100% sourced and made in India.
Absorption and Strength Low absorbency and wet strength. Virgin fibre with great absorbency and wet strength.

Fresh Wipes

Kosher Bamboo Fresh wipes are made from unbleached bamboo fibers, these wipes are extra soft and supple on the skin, providing gentle care for even the most sensitive areas. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that Kosher Bamboo Fresh wipes are responsibly sourced, making them a perfect addition to your green lifestyle. Experience the perfect blend of softness, durability, and environmental responsibility with Kosher Bamboo Fresh wipes.

The boxes are presented with very attractive and rich designs that tell of certain superior maturity and opulence which is all potent to cause superlative identity perceptions. These boxes are used in; passenger cars, luxury public transport vehicles, at reputed corporate offices, at homes etc. Kosher Fresh wipes boxes are also presented as a compliment to customers by shop owners dealing in; jewelry, expensive fashion stores and also by automobile dealers.

Kosher Bamboo Fresh wipes are Very nice, Very soft, Very fine, Very rich, Very grand & Very sustainable.

Size & Quantity
  • 200mm * 180 mm Twin Layered (2 ply)
  • 150 / 100 / 200 Freshwipes
  • 150 pulls - 48 boxes in a carton
  • 200 pulls - 48 boxes in a carton
  • 100 pulls - 100 boxes in a carton

Bottled Kosher Bamboo

Fresh Wipes (Twin Layered)

Bottled Kosher Bamboo freshwipes serve very good while on the move. The container being sturdy keeps the very supple Kosher Bamboo freshwipes fresh and crumple-free. The classy container can be inserted in any travel bag easily. The bamboo mimicked cylindrical case reflects flamboyant character in you on the office desk or with you anywhere. Bottled Kosher bamboo freshwipes are always sold with 2 refill packs each containing 80 pieces of twin layered Kosher Bamboo freshwipes.

Bottled Kosher Bamboo freshwipes and refill packs are available at freshwipes and with all Kosher Privilege Retailers.

  • 135 x 200 mm Twin Layered
  • 80 freshwipes

Premium Napkins

Large | tenderly abrasive | super absorbent | very Premium exceptional

Great as after-wash hand / face wipes.

Signify superior class on the top management desks and posh dining tables.

Size & Quantity
  • 40 x 40 cm - 50 Sheets each(2 ply)
  • 30 x 30 cm - 100 Sheets each
  • 30 x 27 cm - 100 Sheets each
  • 40 x 40 cm - 40 pkts in a carton
  • 30 x 30 cm - 60 pkts in a carton
  • 30 x 27 cm - 100 pkts in a carton
  • 150 Sheets
  • 21 x 23 cm
  • 21 x 21 cm

M Fold

(Multifold) Washroom towels

Kosher Bamboo M Fold washroom towels are made from fine paper tissue with texture and strength that endows tissue washroom towels with desired soft feel and water absorbent properties. It is embossed with impressions that provide mild abrasion for effectively wiping off sweat and dust while being smooth on the skin.

It is made in a fairly large size with just 2 folds good enough for a good and comforting wipe with just one towel.

Good across user segments - for branding premium product offerings - with befitting and complementing product features!

Switch to - Kosher Bamboo M Fold - altogether for reinforcing certain superior brand value

Kosher GoldMark Washroom towels perfectly complement values for;

IT / BPO Companies

Corporate Offices

Diagnostic Centers

Premium & Top-Class Restaurants

Business Class and Five star Hotels

Premium and Corporate Hospitals


C Fold

Washroom towels

Kosher C Fold towels are ingeniously designed for convenience and efficiency. They are folded but not interlocked, allowing for easy, single-sheet dispensing from any suitable dispenser. This design minimizes waste and ensures that each towel is clean and ready to use.

They are folded but not interlocked, allowing for easy, single-sheet dispensing from any suitable dispenser. Hence, eco-friendly C Fold Tissues are thicker and deeply embossed, providing a 'soft yet crisp' feel that enhances their cleansing properties while effectively absorbing water.

These bamboo tissues are especially suitable for washrooms in canteens, restaurants, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and other work facilities that prioritize high-quality, absorbent, and environmentally friendly options - effectively absorbing water.

  • 150 Sheets
  • 30 x 21 cm
  • 20 cm width roll
  • 1 kg roll - 6 rolls in a case
  • 1.2 kg roll - 6 rolls in a case
  • 1.6 kg roll - 4 rolls in a case
  • 2 kg roll - 4 rolls in a case


Washroom towels

Kosher Bamboo HRT Rolled Tissue Towels, made from sustainable and unbleached bamboo, are highly versatile and particularly suitable for facilities with high demand. These eco-friendly tissues are perfect for commercial kitchens, where they serve as effective oil-absorbing tissues during cooking.

The granular surface of the bamboo HRT Tissue enhances its absorbency and effectiveness. Despite their compact size, these tissue rolls contain a substantial amount of tissue, ensuring they last longer in dispensers.

The use of unbleached bamboo not only emphasizes sustainability but also ensures a natural and environmentally friendly product, making them especially beneficial for large-scale operations.

Kosher Bamboo HRT Washroom towels perfectly complement values for;

IT / BPO Companies

Corporate Offices

Diagnostic Centers

Premium & Top-Class Restaurants

Business Class and Five star Hotels

Premium and Corporate Hospitals

Restroom rolls

Kosher Bamboo Toilet Rolls, the ultimate choice for eco-conscious consumers seeking premium comfort. Our unbleached, double-layered toilet rolls are crafted from pure bamboo fibre, offering an ultra-soft texture that is gentle on the skin. Designed with both luxury and environmental responsibility in mind, these eco-friendly toilet rolls are biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals. Elevate your bathroom experience with the exceptional softness and strength of Kosher Bamboo Toilet Rolls.

Kosher Bamboo Restroom tissue is soft, supple and is mildly embossed for functional effectiveness. Restroom tissue is presented in 10 cm width rolls with perforation every 10 cm for easy pull-off. Bamboo restroom tissue dissolves into shreds very quickly in water and thus happens to be flushable easily.

  • 100 mm width rolls with perforation at every 100mm Twin Layered (2 ply)
  • Single rolls of 100 gms each
  • 100 mm width rolls with perforation at every 100mm Twin Layered (3 ply)
  • 4 rolls of 150 gms each
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